Are you looking for ways to maximize your investment in personnel, technology, equipment, and established processes?

Our Business Process Optimization (BPO) consulting shows you what “good” looks like in terms of technology cost, results, and risk, and enables you to align your IT strategy to support your business objectives.

What are your primary goals?

  • To increase your business’s level of productivity?
  • To reduce your expenses, overhead and resource costs?
  • To expand the capacity and benefits of your technologies?
  • To ensure security of your network and minimize risk?
  • Or ALL of the above?

TruAdvantage’s BPO can assess and answer all the above questions and recommend improvements.

We discover your business’s specific goals simply by WATCHING your team’s operations, LEARNING about your business’s strengths and weaknesses, and by LISTENING to your needs. Only then do we match our advanced technology solutions to your goals. By partnering with the world’s technology leaders, including Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Dell and VMware, you can be confident that your system will help simplify your tasks, lower your costs, and help you to provide better and faster service to your clients.

Our BPO Consulting Performs the Following:

  • We LEARN
    • your strategic business objectives and goals.
  • We LEARN
    • and inventory the existing systems and processes.
    • existing business processes and information flows.
    • the effectiveness and value of the current systems.
    • gaps in processes and systems.
    • improvements and solutions to close the gaps.
    • new solutions or modification to simplify processes.