When it comes to IT solutions, TruAdvantage is the team that can give you the edge. Since our team’s inception in 2010, we’ve been providing world-class solutions to businesses from all over the world. We’re a committed partner that can help you get the right tools and solutions for your journey to success.


Today is an extremely exciting time for us at TruAdvantage because we’re celebrating an incredible recognition made possible by our clients. We’re genuinely stoked to announce that TruAdvantage recently won the annual The Manifest Company Awards for San Francisco’s most reviewed cybersecurity leader for 2024!


“Ecstatic to get this award from The Manifest. We always share these awards with our clients and prospects and explain to them what it means to us. Thank you!” — Chief Executive Officer of TruAdvantage


The Manifest is an independent business news and B2B research resource designed to guide potential corporate clients navigating the complex B2B spaces. Every year, the website spotlights outstanding companies that have earned their clients’ trust. The awardees from each category and location are determined by the volume of honest testimonials they’ve earned throughout the preceding twelve months.


This amazing award is a testament to how true we are to our word and to our clients’ success. We have nothing but respect for them and the projects they’ve entrusted us with. We believe that we wouldn’t be celebrating this moment right now if it weren’t for all of you who believed in us.


Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible for us! TruAdvantage is proud to be your 5-star partner.


Cybersecurity is just one of our many specialties. Connect with us right away and we’ll gladly walk you through more of our services.



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