• Challenge / Pain Point – Our remote employees lack an efficient & secure IT structure

Impact on Your Business

The shift to widespread work-from-home arrangements, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has had a variety of impacts on the workforce. WFH presents a range of cybersecurity challenges, as employees are often using personal devices and home networks that may not have the same level of security as office setups.

Data Breaches and Identity Theft

Personal and sensitive information can be compromised, leading to identity theft, financial loss, and potential legal issues.

Ransomware and Malware Attacks

Without proper policy and protection, devices are vulnerable to ransomware, which can lock users out of their systems or

encrypt important files until a ransom is paid.

Financial Loss

Individuals may suffer financial loss due to fraudulent activities, such as unauthorized access to bank accounts or

credit card information.

Intellectual Property Loss

Confidential company data, trade secrets, and intellectual property can be compromised, leading to severe financial

and reputational damage.

Compliance & Legal Violations

Failure to protect sensitive customer data can result in regulatory fines and legal consequences, especially with regulations

like GDPR or HIPAA.

Disruption of Operations

Cyber attacks can disrupt business operations, causing downtime, loss of revenue, and delays in delivering products

or services.

Stress and Anxiety

Dealing with cybersecurity incidents can cause stress and anxiety for individuals, affecting their well-being and

work performance.

Remote Work Inefficiencies

Without efficient IT infrastructure, employees may face technical difficulties, slow internet speeds, and lack of access

to necessary tools, hindering their productivity.

Increased Costs

Remediation costs, such as hiring cybersecurity experts, recovering lost data, and implementing new security measures,

can be substantial.

How We Address This Pain Point

Having efficient IT infrastructure and robust cybersecurity measures in place when working from home offers several key benefits for both individuals and organizations.

  • Work from home policy & roadmap creation
  • Remote work security & IT training for staff
  • 247 Live helpdesk support
  • 247 monitoring & alerting
  • Follow-me cloud-based firewall & VPN
  • Secure & compliant CloudDesktops (virtual desktops) for remote staff
  • 2-Factor Authentication & access controls
  • Secure & encrypted file sharing & communications
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Policy
  • Compliance adherence & peace of mind
  • Employee satisfaction & retention

Transform Your Workforce & Company with our Modern CloudDesktop

Azure Virtual Desktops with World-class security, efficiency, consistency, and compliance for local and remote staff.

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