• Challenge / Pain Point – Need to help our internal IT Team

Impact on Your Business

An overloaded IT team can have significant negative impacts on both the team itself and the organization as a whole. Here are some common consequences:


Continuous high workloads can lead to burnout among team members. Burnout reduces motivation, engagement and

overall productivity.

Employee Morale and Turnover

Constant stress and pressure can lead to dissatisfaction and low morale among team members. High workload and burnout

often result in talented employees seeking opportunities elsewhere, leading to higher turnover rates.

Increased Errors and Downtime

Rushed work due to overload can result in more mistakes, leading to system failures, downtime, and security vulnerabilities.

Fixing errors takes longer when the team is stretched thin, prolonging system outages and impacting operations.

Security Risks

Overloaded teams might not have the bandwidth to focus on cybersecurity measures adequately. Security updates,

patches, and threat monitoring can be delayed, increasing the organization's vulnerability to cyber attacks

Increased Costs

Overworked teams might resort to quick fixes or temporary solutions, which can lead to more significant problems down the

line, costing the organization more time and resources.

Difficulty in Meeting Business Goals

IT plays a crucial role in achieving many business objectives. An overloaded IT team may struggle to deliver on projects

critical for the company's growth and success. Delays in system upgrades or implementations can hinder the adoption of new technologies essential for staying competitive.

How We Address This Pain Point

Whether you need to offload your team’s support burdens, fill critical skill gaps or supplement your in-house capabilities with specialized services, TruAdvantage’s co-managed IT (COMIT) can help.

  • Get a TEAM of smart, experienced IT Pros
  • 9-1-1 onsite support
  • 247 Live helpdesk support
  • 247 monitoring & alerting + SOC + NOC
  • IT planning & strategy
  • Security and compliance peace of mind
  • Worry-free Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • We DO NOT replace your IT team
  • We DO NOT take over your IT department
  • We offer a flexible win-win partnership
  • Free workshops for IT Leaders & IT Team
  • Significant reduction in IT-related problems
  • Faster support & greater Productivity
  • Reduce cost . No need to hire


Download this FREE E-book and You Decide. 

This guide features in-depth details about Co-Managed IT and provides answers to frequently asked questions, important information about picking the right IT firm to partner with as well as details on how you can develop a better, more productive relationship with the management of your organization.

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