Are you concerned that your current IT support isn't doing enough to protect your business from a cyber attack? Concerned about a data breach, fines, litigation, ruined reputation and potential bankruptcy? After all, 75% of attacks target small businesses.


Secure360: Advanced Cybersecurity for Bay Area's Small to Medium Businesses at a Small Business Budget


We can help! As the only award winning cybersecurity expert  IT firm in the Bay Area, you can TRUST us to

  • protect your business
  • your client data
  • your reputation
  • your financial interests
  • stolen passwords (sold on web) from cyber criminals so that you can FINALLY STOP WORRYING

The Days of Relying on just Antivirus and other Standard Security Features Are OVER.
Don’t let your primary care physician do a heart surgery. Don’t leave the Security or Livelihood of your company to IT generalist. Cybersecurity is a specialty. With the new landscape of cyber attacks, standard general security standards are not ENOUGH anymore.

Advanced Security is a MUST now! And Is Affordable for Small Businesses.
Fortify your standard Security with Advanced Security (Secure360) to fully protect yourself, your clients and your business. Our Secure360 encompasses security at 3 layers: people training (your employees), advanced technology and policy implementation. Secure360 includes the following solutions:

Learn More About Secure360 Solutions:

Security & Risk

Routine comprehensive security assessments & reporting to bring immense peace of mind for you and mitigate business risks.

Security Training &
Testing For Staff

95% of data breaches are caused by human error and your staff. Protect your business by training and phishing test.

Internet Filtering &

We block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. Connect with confidence on any device, anywhere, anytime wherever users go.


Your standard AntiVirus is not ENOUGH to protect you against Ransomware. You need more. Don't let your file get hostage.

24/7 Staffed Security
Operation Center

We predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats in your network 24/7 with our 24/7 staffed SOC.

Dark Web

Are your company’s digital credentials for sale on the Dark Web? we scan, monitor & remediate that for you!