• Challenge / Pain Point – Constant and recurring IT issues with excessive resolution times

Impact on Your Business

Recurring IT issues and long resolution times are not just minor inconveniences—they can have far-reaching and serious consequences for businesses, employees, and customers alike.

Business Impact Downtime Costs

Every minute of downtime can lead to financial losses, especially for businesses that rely heavily on their IT systems.

This includes loss of sales, productivity, and customer dissatisfaction.

Business Impact Decreased Productivity

Employees may struggle to perform their tasks efficiently if they lack the necessary technological tools or if those tools are

outdated. This can result in decreased productivity across the organization.

Business Impact Reputation Damage

Businesses with a reputation for unreliable systems can suffer in the eyes of customers, partners, and stakeholders. Trust

can erode, leading to loss of clients and difficulty in acquiring new ones.

Employee Impact Frustration and Stress

Dealing with recurring IT issues on a daily basis is frustrating for employees. It creates stress, affects job satisfaction,

and can lead to high turnover rates.

Employee Impact Inefficient Workflows

When systems are down or slow, employees find workarounds or resort to manual processes, leading to inefficiencies

and errors.

Employee Impact Skill Erosion

Employees may not get to use new software or tools properly if they're constantly dealing with IT problems. This can lead

to skill erosion and a workforce that is not up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Customer Impact Poor Service Delivery

If IT issues affect customer-facing systems, such as websites, apps, or customer support portals, it leads to poor

service delivery. This results in dissatisfied customers and potential loss of loyalty.

Customer Impact Loss of Trust

Repeated IT failures erode customer trust. They may question the reliability and security of the company's services,

leading to churn and a tarnished brand image.

Customer Impact Impact on Sales

For businesses with e-commerce platforms or online services, IT issues can directly impact sales. Customers may abandon

purchases if they encounter glitches or slow performance.

How We Address This Pain Point

With our 247 Live Helpdesk team, and a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can rest assured you have zero wait time for response and swift resolutions times.

  • 247 live helpdesk team
  • 247 emergency response
  • Established Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Escalation process for swift resolution
  • 2 dedicated engineers + 1 client success manager for your organization
  • CSAT / feedback for every ticket
  • Quarterly Strategic Business Reviews (SBR)
  • Root cause analysis for recurring issues
  • IT dashboards and reports
  • World-class monitoring & alerting

A Dedicated Team Becomes an Extension of Your Team

Our mission is to become our client's trusted partner and impact their success.

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