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Upcoming Event: Q2 2024 Power Hour Webinar & Virtual Workshop Series

Upcoming Webinar: "How Hackers Hack and How to Effectively Combat AI-powered Attacks," presented by TruAdvantage and Barracuda.

Today, as technology evolves, it brings both good and bad news for businesses. There's been a huge increase in sneaky emails trying to steal your information. According to SlashNext, these malicious emails have shot up by 1,265%, and attempts to grab your login details have surged by 967% since late 2022. It's clear: we need to act fast to protect our businesses.

Don't worry, though. You don't need to be a tech genius to defend yourself. Join our webinar, where we'll break down the threats and show you simple ways to shield your business from cyber baddies.

You’ll find out:

🔍 What's going on in the world of cyber threats and how AI is involved.

🛡️  Understanding how these sneaky attacks work, so you can spot them.

💼 Easy ways to beef up your business's defenses with cybersecurity-as-a-service and Why this approach is a game-changer for keeping your business safe.

Don't let cybercriminals catch you off guard. Sign up now to learn how to protect your business.

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