It is quite challenging for Legal firms to find an IT partner who truly comprehends the unique regulatory and technological challenges and needs of their industry. The good news is that our team at TruAdvantage understands those challenges. If we can meet the stern IT and compliance requirements of healthcare industry, you can rest assure that we can address the legal industry’s IT and compliance requirements as well.

Why choose TruAdvantage to be the IT partner of your legal firm:

  • Our team understands the daily operations of a legal practice in and out:
    • From outlook and email integration to document management and security we have devised best practices and tailored infrastructures for legal firm.
  • We understand the strict federal and state regulations such as SOX and GLBA imposes an unparalleled scrutiny on legal industry. A minor breach could have grave consequences for your practice:
    • We have implemented IT and network security policies and safeguards in line with SOX and GBLA.
  • We understand you handle highly sensitive and confidential data:
    • We have implemented solutions to protect your data from digital attacks, malware , viruses and breaches.
  • We understand your client’s digital files are the livelihood of your practice. Here is a short list of some of the applications we have administered:
    • We have implemented disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for legal firms. We have also implemented email and file archiving, management and compliance solutions.


"No Downtime During Our Transition." Bradley Smith

Industry: Law | Client Since: 2002
San Jose, CA

Getting Their TruAdvantage With IT Through:

  • Desktop Upgrade & Migration
  • Office Move

"Kayvan and David, I’d like to thank you for the excellent work that you and your team performed to get my office converted to our new computers and to set them up on our network. This would have been an almost impossible job without your assistance. With your help, we were able to make the transition with almost no downtime. I look forward to continuing to work with you and your team."

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