Protect Your Data. Protect Your Business.

What if a fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane destroyed your office or servers? Can you recover your most important asset, the data, in case of a theft? Can your business survive? Data loss is the biggest threat to your business. Let us help you answer these questions and bring you peace of mind. Lost files or a crashed server or even if your whole office is inaccessible due to flood or fire or theft; be back to normal within minutes. Gain peace of mind with our Enterprise-Class data protection at an affordable price with zero upfront cost.

Unlike conventional backups, TruAdvantage’s totalPROTECT not only protects you against data loss but also against DOWNTIME. You’ll never miss a beat — keep working with complete access to emails, servers, and mission critical applications even if your whole office is down thanks to our full duplicates of all your servers and data in two bi-coastal data centers.

Our Solution Benefits

Enterprise-Class protection with small business budget

  • No capital cost. No need to invest in storage hardware.
  • Protection with off-site backup and full disaster recovery.
  • Cost effective. Pay as you go!
  • No maintenance and monitoring cost. We manage the backups.

Protect your office against regulatory suits and demands

  • Data retention policy enforcement based on industry requirements.
  • Full documentation and testing of disaster recovery and business continuity plan ON-SITE.

Keep working in case of a site catastrophe

  • Full replicas of servers and desktops on-site and off-site.
  • Restore a server or desktop to full operation even if a full crash happened in less than 15 MINUTES.

Peace of mind for you. Only 5 minutes to restore data or full servers.

  • Full backup of critical data every 15 minutes.
  • Full cloning of servers and desktops for full recovery.
  • Instant recovery of crashed hard drives and servers: in 5 minutes.
  • Flood or fire – no worries. Your data, records, and servers are protected.

Flexible backup and comprehensive reporting

  • Comprehensive reporting for performance tuning.
  • Active notification on backup status for proactive resolutions.
  • Data compression to reduce backup transmission time.
  • Use current internet connection, schedule for off-peak hours.

Client Testimonials

"Lowering Our Cost And Making Our Staff Efficient." Brian Ha

Industry: Healthcare | Client Since: 2004
Size: 25 | San Jose, CA

Getting Their TruAdvantage With IT Through:

  • Desktop & Server Management
  • Onsite Network Consulting
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support
  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • Backup and Onsite/Offsite Disaster Recovery
  • EMR & HIPAA Compliance Consulting

"TruAdvantage’s Seamless IT, EMR and HIPAA support have made our practice flow and staff efficient and helped us reduce cost."

Brian Ha Business Manager
Interventional Vascular Institute
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"TruAdvantage Team Has Our Back." Ken Trulson

Industry: Healthcare | Client Since: 2006
San Jose, CA

Getting Their TruAdvantage With IT Through:

  • Desktop and Server Management
  • Virtual Desktops
  • EMR and Workflow consulting

"Very responsive and personable team, and an IT team who speaks the healthcare language and bridges the gap between IT and medical practices."

Ken Trulson Physician Assistant
IR Solutions

Our Solution’s Features

Disaster Recovery

  • Gain peace of mind by protecting your practice from every type of failure that might lead to data loss. This includes: file and data corruption, hard drive failures and full server crashes, full site catastrophes such as fire or flooding.

Business Continuity

  • In case of a catastrophe in your office, your entire operation will be running at full speed again in less than ONE hour. Compare that to a simple backup solution, which can cost you at least 48 hours of downtime!

Built-In Archiving

  • Easily retrieve files from weeks, months, or even YEARS ago. You can even find records that were deleted, corrupted, or requested.


  • We secure and encrypt your data based on your industry requirements.

Off-Site Backup in 2 Data Centers

  • Benefit from complete business continuity – even if your whole office was struck by a catastrophe, you’re still working. We restore the duplicates of your servers in our secure off-site data centers.

24/7/365 Monitoring & Management

  • You focus on your core business. We’ll monitor and report all system alerts 24/7/365.

Disaster Recovery Preparedness

  • Provide complete disaster recovery and business continuity planning and testing.