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EMR Setup & Support

Imagine a medical office with no paper. It’s difficult to conceive but it’s possible with the right strategy and partner.

No matter your specialty, location, or practice size, you are being affected by Electronic Medical Records. There is no ignoring the importance that is being given to this technology and what it could mean to your organization.
Thankfully, TruAdvantage has a team of experts that have years of experience in educating and helping practices select, implement, and optimize Electronic Medical Records. Whether you have a system already or haven’t even started looking, TruAdvantage can help you.
TruAdvantage experience includes implementation assistance and ongoing hardware support services for all major EMR solutions. Our team of experts work with your practice and the EMR vendor to ensure your systems are fully functional with maximum up-time.
We have expertise with integrating and interface setup and support with lab, billing, transcription, and other medical related services.

Paperless Office:

  • Electronic Prescriptions and Accessibility of Charts
  • Indexed and easily searchable by multiple identifiers.
  • Increased doctor and patient satisfaction.
  • Document Management
  • A system that scans and electronically stores all of your paper records.

Increase Revenue:

  • Get up to $45,000 per doctor for meaningful use of EHR.
  • Simplify and optimize your billing process.
  • Expedite insurance reimbursements, co-pay, and balance payment.
  • Minimize or eliminate the need for transcription services.
    Automate more and decrease number of staff.

Increase Productivity & Workflow:

  • Improve workflow greatly and increase staff efficiency.
  • Full mobile access to patient records via phones, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Easier regulatory and reimbursement reporting.
  • Save time, shorten exams, and automate repetitive or common tasks.

Stay Compliant & Secure:

  • Full HIPAA compliance.
  • Enterprise level security and full data encryption.
  • Full back-up, disaster recovery, and business continuity of patient records.

Enhance Patient Care:

  • Improve accuracy of diagnosis and health outcomes.
  • Enhanced decision support, clinical alerts, reminders, and medical information.
  • Legible, complete documentation that facilitates accurate coding and billing.
  • Automate interfaces with labs, registries, and other EMRs.
  • Safer, more reliable prescribing.

EMR/EHR Replacement

Healthy Computers. Healthy Medical Practice.

TruAdvantage was founded with one principal goal in mind: to help medical practice personnel and doctors utilize Information Technology to improve patient care, lower costs, operate more efficiently, and optimize their revenue cycle. Progressions in EMR solutions, along with requirements of HIPAA compliance and meaningful use, have made technology in the healthcare industry more dynamic and challenging than ever.
With all these rules and regulations, you want an EMR application that actually works and doesn’t slow down your practice. One that won’t cause downtime or support issues.
If your current EMR/EHR is causing you problems and headaches, then isn’t it time for you to look for a new provider? TruAdvantage can help you find, implement, and manage a new EMR/EHR, with no stress, interruptions, or problems.
We believe in providing our clients with accurate and comprehensive information that lead to a solution that will help their practice grow and flourish. The TruAdvantage team will be with you every step of the way, providing you with assistance, information, and support.

Reasons to Replace Your EMR/EHR

Implementation, Training, or Support Issues:

One of the main reasons a practice switches vendors is due to lack of vendor support. Let TruAdvantage provide supplemental support as well as help in finding a new vendor that meets your needs.

Financial Stability of Vendor:

A lot of EMR software vendors run into the problem of not having financial stability. This will lead to vendors not providing timely updates, quality support, or implementation of new technologies and features.

Vendor Can’t Meet Meaningful Use Requirement:

If your current EMR/EHR vendor can’t meet meaningful use standards, your practice is at risk. You can’t qualify for government stimulus incentives and you run the risk of getting fined for not meeting regulation.

Integration Challenges:

Are you encountering challenges with your EHR not communicating with your other systems? We can help with interfaces or help you find an integrated solution with a proven track record.

EMR/EHR Hosting

Is EMR hosting right for you?

EMR systems are critical to the day to day operations of your business, and hosting your EMR coupled with the healthcare IT support services of TruAdvantage, is the best solution for your medical practice.

So what EMR solutions can be hosted in a data center? Well, most major EMR solutions may be hosted within a data center. TruAdvantage provides the following EMR hosting services including eClinicalWorks hosting, Allscripts hosting, Greenway hosting, NextGen hosting, Sage Intergy hosting, Practice Fusion hosting, and NextGen hosting.

TruAdvantage provides a HIPAA compliant data center solution that is unmatched in the healthcare field. Through HIPAA complaint practices and technology, staying complaint with HIPAA requirements is easy with TruAdvantage by your side.

Hosting Advantages

  • Redundant power, cooling, and internet connectivity.
  • State of the art security to keep your data safe.
  • HIPAA compliant data center processes and solutions.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and management of your server(s).
  • Data backup and redundancy to multiple locations.
  • Virtualization and co-location services available.

Healthcare Practice Setup

Let TruAdvantage help you set up technology in your practice designed just for you.

Since 2001, TruAdvantage has helped setup and support over dozens of practices across the Bay Area. We stick with you every step of the way, to make sure the opening of your practice is as painless as possible.

What We Do

Technology Support Services

  • Computer network setup and configuration
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of systems and servers
  • Remote, on-site, and telephone support services
  • Wireless network setup and security
  • Network design, wiring , and setup

Internet & Telephone

  • High speed internet selection
  • Telephone service selection and implementation
  • Internet and telephone wiring

Email & Website Solutions

  • Email hosting solution – Cloud based or server based
  • Email setup and configuration
  • Smart phone email configuration
  • Domain research and selection (
  • Web site development

EMR/EHR Solutions

  • EMR/EHR Selection
  • EMR/EHR implementation support services
  • EMR/EHR support solutions for all major solutions
  • EMR/EHR reporting

How We Do It

Discount prices on servers, PC’s, laptops, and tablets

 Help choosing the best solution for your practice

 Help choosing the best solution for your practice

HIPAA Management & Training

The fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to reach HIPAA compliance.

Are You Ready for the Audit When It Happens?

Today, under new legislation, the threat to your practice and your money is REAL. To protect your practice and meet the challenging compliance requirements of the newly revised HIPAA, you must take a proactive stance to guarantee your electronic patient data is safe and secure.

Even well-established hospitals, like the Massachusetts General Hospital, are affected by these laws. Back in 2009, they were fined $1 million for a HIPAA breach. How would YOUR practice handle a $1 million fine?

Luckily, the TruAdvantage team are all HIPAA, HITECH, and HIE certified. We can help train your staff and ensure your practice is fully compliant.

What Happens if Your Organization has a HIPAA Breach

Introduction to HIPAA Secure Now

Our HIPAASecureNow Solution is Trusted Nationwide:

  • HIPAA Compliance Since 2010
  • Over 3000 Clients in ALL 50 States
  • Trained over 30,000 Employees
  • Over 5000 HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Over 400 National Partners

The Challenges Your Practice Faces


Because the Office of Civil Rights considers compliance mandatory for any entity that processes, stores, or handles personal health information, how will you prepare for the HIPAA/HITECH Audit?


Where can you find the most beneficial compliance solution at the most cost-effective pricing — both now and long term?


Do you currently have the specialized IT skills required to quickly and effectively manage your compliance?


Will you be able stay focused on providing quality patient care, running your practice, and being profitable while at the same time ensuring compliance?

Thorough Risk Assessment:

  • We perform your Risk Assessment
  • Streamlined Risk Assessment Process – you will spend around 1 or 2 hours working with us and then we do the rest!
  • We make additional security recommendation
  • HIPAA Compliance Snapshot
  • Threats Analysis / Risk Determination
  • Satisfy Meaningful Use Requirement – Core Objective – Protect electronic health information (Conduct or review a security risk assessment of the certified EHR technology)
  • don’t put those incentive payments at risk!
  • Easy to understand reports/work plans

HIPAA Security Training:

  • We train your employees
  • Interesting and engaging training videos – HIPAA is boring no more!
  • HIPAA training for existing and new employees
  • Retrain employees on an annual basis
  • Provide employee compliance testing
  • View compliance reports that show when employees were trained and their compliance testing scores
  • Employee Security Reminders

HIPAA Policies and Procedures:

  • We Write your Policies and Procedures
  • Employee access to policies and procedures
  • Videos explaining security policies
  • Easy to understand policies Easy to follow procedures
  • Addresses the HIPAA Security and Omnibus Rules Allows you to show compliance with HIPAA regulations and protect patient information!

HIPAA Compliance Portal:

  • Online access that makes complying with HIPAA easy!
  • Employee access to policies and procedures
  • Track Business Associates
  • Security incident response
  • Access disaster plans
  • Store contracts and documents
  • HIPAA related information Educational videos
  • Audit “Book of Evidence”

Easy to Use:

  • We do all the hard work for you!
  • Streamlined Risk Assessment- only takes around 1 or 2 hours to complete
  • HIPAA Policies are easy to understand and employees love the policy videos!
  • Training is light and enjoyable – HIPAA is boring no more!
  • Our team is with you through the whole process – we’ll get through this together!
  • Our tools and templates make HIPAA easy!
  • The price of our service is easy on your wallet

$100,000 Financial Protection:

  • Financial protection from fines and breach expenses!
  • HIPAA breach related expense
  • HIPAA violation fines
  • Includes PCI (Credit Card) breach expenses
  • Available to Covered Entities and Business Associates
  • Available for organizations with 50 or fewer employees
  • Allows you to sleep at night knowing your protected!

Security Incident Response:

  • Security breaches are stressful – we are here to help!
  • Security Incident Response Tools
  • Required breach Risk Assessment tool
  • Breach documentation tool
  • Patient/HHS notification steps
  • Access to security experts to assist with breach response
  • Our security breach tools combined with financial protection will make a bad situation much better!

Track Business Associates:

  • Business Associate tracking tools
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) templates
  • Upload BAAs to Compliance Portal
  • Business Associate (BA) compliance verification questionnaire – make sure your BAs are protecting patient information!
  • We help you track Business Associates and make sure they are protecting your patient information

Compliance Tools:

  • HIPAA regulations are complex and confusing, our tools make complying easy!
  • Track access to servers/systems with patient Information
  • Track CD/DVD/USB drives with patient information
  • Track system activity reviews
  • Termination procedure templates
  • Notice of Patient Privacy (NPP) templates
  • Emergency operations procedure templates
  • Many more tools and templates