Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions (MISS)

105 N.Bascom Ave., Suite 104
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 918-0409


MISS is one of the most prestigious medical practices with multiple locations in the Bay Area. They provide patients with top-caliber minimally invasive medical procedures and diagnostic services, state of the art technology and care in a safe and comfortable environment with minimal time,discomfort, and administrative procedure. MISS is the first pure Interventional, Neuro-Interventional and Vascular practice in Northern California. MISS is involved in a great number of research studies with esteemed hospitals such as Good Samaritan Hospital of San Jose and Regional Medical Center of San Jose.


With a growing practice, multiple locations and urgency to transition to electronic medical records, MISS was faced with some major challenges. The primary challenges included choosing the right EHR solution based on their specialty, optimizing workflow and smoothly transitioning to paperless office. They also needed to meet meaningful use and HIPAA compliance as required by law and work securely from tablets and smart devices.


While considering hiring a full-time IT resource and a part time healthcare IT consultant , MISS chose TruAdvantage for both IT and HealthIT support. MISS selected TruAdvantage’s managed services offering (totalCARE) as a means to provide the support of a full team of IT professionals at a much lower overall expense to the company. After one year of engagement with TruAdvantage, MISS strategically implemented a full backup and disaster recovery solution (total DATAPROTECT). Consequently Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allowed them to implement the Sage Intergy as their EHR.


With TruAdvantage as their virtual IT department, MISS resources have been freed up to focus on the main areas of responsibility rather than day-to-day troubleshooting. 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance has optimized their IT systems to 98% plus up-time. With 24/7 helpdesk, staff have instant access to technicians, maximizing efficiency and reducing lost time fixing IT issues. Smooth transition to EHR and leveraging technology have enabled them to see more patients, lower cost on manual processes and increase revenue with quicker billing cycles. Virtual Desktops and EHR have allowed doctors and staff to take advantage of tablets and smart devices ( BYOD). Senior management now has peace of mind with a complete onsite, off-site and HIPAA compliant backup and disaster recovery that allows them to keep working even in case of a fire or flood in the office. Finally, quarterly myCTO meetings have allowed management to benefit from strategic technology planning, budgeting and recommendations.