Defeat AI-Powered Ransomware Attacks with Cybersecurity-As-A-Service


Educational Webinar by TruAdvantage and Barracuda


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Date: March 28th 2024




Title: How Hackers Hack and How to Effectively Combat AI-powered Attacks


While artificial intelligence (AI) offers new benefits and exciting opportunities, it also brings unique challenges for businesses today.

Since the fourth quarter of 2022, there has been a 1,265% increase in malicious phishing emails and a 967% increase in credential phishing, according to a report from SlashNext.

These drastic changes reveal the importance of taking immediate action to ensure your business remains protected.

Don’t let your business become the next victim. Join this webinar to learn how implementing a holistic cybersecurity-as-a-service can help give your business an edge in this battle against hackers.


  • An overview of the current AI-powered cybersecurity landscape
  • The anatomy of an AI-powered attack
  • A holistic cybersecurity-as-a-service approach to safeguarding your business
  • Benefits of a holistic cybersecurity-as-a-service solution