Simplify your IT with no hardware, no upfront cost, 100% up-time, and worry-free security.

Simplify your infrastructure and benefit from world-class IT, enterprise-level security, and anywhere/anytime access to your applications and data at a lower cost. Say goodbye to expensive servers and IT infrastructure cost.

A well planned migration of your IT to cloud will give you any time/anyplace access to your IT systems, while you benefit from lower and more predictable IT costs, greater productivity, as well as enterprise-class security and redundancy. Imagine your mission critical applications accessible from any device including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones… no matter where you are, in a secure manner.


REDUCE cost of IT infrastructure up to 70%. Eliminate utility cost.

  • “Fortune-500 class” IT infrastructure including high availability, business continuity, and server virtualization at an affordable cost. Never buy a PC or server again. No upfront capital expenses. Say bye to high cost of CapEx.
  • No internal IT staff or IT infrastructure management needed.
  • No expensive application purchases and software upgrades.
  • Only pay what you use.
  • No more dedicated server room on-site. No more high usage of power and electricity to keep IT systems up 24/7.

ELIMINATE system maintenance cost. No interruption for updates. All done by us.

  • Provision servers and desktops within MINUTES. No need to purchase hardware.
  • Work from anywhere, anytime as long as you have a basic internet connection. Increase business collaboration with 24/7 accessible IT systems. Access from your applications, desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your phone.

INCREASE productivity for everyone. Securely access your desktop from anywhere.

  • Worry-free security and compliance for your practice.
  • Compliance and encryption. No more auditing needed. Nothing on-site. Secure site.
  • With 99.99% up-time and almost full business continuity.
  • Gain state of the art security of your data and proactive 24/7 monitoring of your IT systems and applications.

NEVER buy a PC or server again. Kiss high-cost CapEx goodbye.

  • No internal IT staff or IT infrastructure management needed.
  • No expensive application purchases and software upgrades.
  • Only pay what you use.
  • No more dedicated server room on-site. No more high usage of power and electricity to keep IT systems up 24/7.

REACH compliance. Enjoy worry-free compliance for your industry requirements.

  • Off your plate. We take care of everything.
  • Scalable, add more space or computing resources to your infrastructure with a click of a mouse.
  • No more on-site software installations and maintenance.
  • Help the earth. Stay green using a virtual desktop.

UNLIMITED helpdesk and IT support for staff.

  • Add enterprise-level security. Our data centers are world-class secure.

Client Testimonials

"Worry-free IT And Security Brought Great Peace of Mind for Me." Joseph Dunn

Industry: Pharmaceuticals | Client Since: 2008
Size: 30 | Los Gatos, CA

Getting Their TruAdvantage With IT Through:

  • Onsite Network Administration
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Services

"Before TruAdvantage as our IT advisor, my staff used to spend way too much time on IT issues. Now with their support and process my staff is way more prod120uctive and is back to the business of research and inventing great pharmaceutical products."

photo of Joseph Dunn President & CEO EndogenX, Inc Joseph Dunn President & CEO
EndogenX, Inc
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Clouds Solutions For Your Office


  • Your personal virtual desktop, accessible from anywhere.
  • cloudDESKTOP: Imagine the ability to provision desktops or add more memory for your staff in minutes and not to be bound to a physical device, like your desktop, anymore. Say goodbye to high capital cost of buying PC’s every couple of years. Work on a document from the office and continue where you left off from home, working on the same desktop. Imagine having the latest security patches, software updates, and virus protection on a regular basis, without disrupting your productivity. That’s the power of cloudDESKTOP.


  • Low cost, highly available, world-class secure servers in the cloud.
  • cloudSERVER: Provision servers or increase resources of a server in minutes without purchasing hardware. cloudSERVER gives you the option to use and pay for exactly what you need. Your servers are hosted in multiple world-class, secure, and redundant data centers. No more failed hard drives or the need to replace a server.


  • Your applications (Office, email, etc.) accessible from anywhere on any device.
  • cloudAPP: TruAdvantage’s cloudAPP empowers your staff to access the mission critical applications of your business from any device from anywhere. Imagine having access to your email, office suite, or other industry-specific applications from anywhere or any device such as PC, Mac, notebook, tablet, iPhone, or Android phones. cloudAPP includes: • Office 365 or Hosted Exchange 2010 for email and collaboration • Hosted SharePoint & content management • Hosted Antispam and Antivirus protection.


  • Phone and VoIP system from the cloud. Lower your phone bill & travel cost, improve collaboration, and increase revenue.
  • totalCONNECT: TruAdvantage’s totalCONNECT uses your internet connection to meet all communication needs using voice over IP. totalCONNECT lowers your monthly phone bill and travel cost while adding and enhancing the communication features of your operation. Feature includes hosted phone, hosted fax and efax, fax and voicemail delivery to email.