Our Core Values

These unwavering, guiding principles dictate our actions and behavior individually and as a company.

Have a “Can-Do Attitude”

To be resourceful and to get the job done even if it is out of the scope of our knowledge or it is out of our comfort zone. To have the ultimate responsibility and to take full ownership.

How: Consult with our co-workers or sr. staff on the challenge and brainstorm. Use online resources or other media to research the issue.

Always Be Learning and Growth Oriented

To be a knowledge seeker not only in technology but other areas such as self-growth, leadership, emotional intelligence, and spirituality.

How: Set a vision on the IT certifications we wish to obtain. Take advantage of company paid IT training. Get involved in the weekly meditation and self-growth classes offered by the company.

Deliver Beyond Expectation

To go the extra mile for our clients and consider ourselves as their trusted advisor. To manage expectations, not just service tickets.

How: Be enthusiastic and passionate about helping others. Appreciate the opportunity to serve our clients. Do a verbal follow-up to make sure full satisfaction is met. Use our company helpdesk system for the written follow-up.

Communicate Confidently Yet Humbly

To listen with an open mind and to respond with a vision and from the heart. To act and speak modestly when you are right, and educate in a humble manner.

Be Honest and Trustworthy

To use the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. To take full responsibility and be accountable when at fault. To remain reliable and honest in setting and delivering expectations.

Be Creative. Use Imagination.

To think outside of the box and explore different ways to approach a challenge. To visualize the end result and solution before starting.

How: Gather all the relevant information and create a mind map using our company mind mapping tool. Create the right environment and allow ideas to flow.

Have Work/Life Balance

To nourish different aspects of our being including mind, body, and spirit. To balance family time, fun, and physical exercise with work.

How: Take advantage of company’s paid time off to spend time with family and take vacations. Enroll at the local gym on behalf of the company.