Our team at TruAdvantage got exposed to the IT challenges the accounting industry faces after landing a small client in San Jose, CA. Since then, we have tailored some of our solutions to address the IT needs of accounting firms.

We ensure that our accounting clients:

  • Maximize efficiency and profit by tailored IT solutions for accounting industry
  • Implement the industry’s best practices for protecting sensitive client data in line with SOX and GLBA. We understand a minor violation, intentional or unintentional, can have severe consequences for a firm and its customers.
  • Remain stable and resilient during busy times (Jan 1st to April 15th). That means no major upgrades, changes or daytime server reboots
  • Maximize billable hours of your accountants and book keepers. After all system disruptions means less billable hours and decreased revenue
  • Minimize compatibility issues between yours and your clients’ systems. Different software versions and hardware could lead to lost productivity and communication.

Some of the applications we administer for our clients: