Backup and DR 2 - 1:40

TruAdvantage: Backup, disaster recovery and Business Continuity |San Jose San Francisco

This is a transcript of the video:

More than 80% of organisations that use an important data never recover and legal out the business. An organisation without a backup in disaster recovery plan is just asking to the statistic could your business operate if you want everything. The information stored on computers and networks is threatened by virus and hackers and natural business on the daily basis. Disaster can be simple as a power of outage for a laptop which wipes out the hard drive or as intense as a hurricane or earthquake will completely wipes out your building. Backing up your data is ensures plan against loss. It ensures that you have access to your information even if your computers are damage being repaired but without the disaster recovery plan you probably need to able to recover from data loges. You need a solution for managing the risk and ensure business continuity after files are delivered. The work backup in disaster recovery plan will keep your business operating and making money in the even in the middle of the disaster to help our company will protect your data and ensure your business continuity after disaster records of free consultation.