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totalCARE: Unlimited IT Support @ Fixed cost- San Jose – San Francisco IT Support

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Can you imagine how your company would benefit? If you had a dedicated IT department with expert ready to handle every possible new technology, working with our company gives you access to a full team IT professionals at flat rate and that means extreme cost savings for your business. One monthly fee covers all of your technology needs you can budget for it and have a system in place to prevent problems before they occur. We eliminate downtime for your business. With your Technology isn’t working, you can't do you are job. If you can’t do your job, you’re losing money. We offer twenty four seven network monitoring and take steps to prevent downtime you won’t lose time in mind looking for someone to fix it after it breaks. Most IT companies benefit when their clients have problems because they charge by the hour to fix them with a flat rate model it now benefits us to keep our clients up and running or to fix the problems immediately to keep our cost of delivering the service low. Instead of benefiting from your business pain, we now share in your success. Let us show you how are managed services offering conserve your organisation money and eliminate downtime.

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