Moving to Cloud is NOT the right move for all organizations. Let us help you decide.

Thinking About Moving to Office 365 Email or Cloud to Save Money and Get Rid of That Server in The Closet?

Don’t Until You Read This…

While we LOVE us some cloud computing, the reality is that SOME cloud solutions are NOT ideal for everyone. The lure of cheap computing and lower IT costs are a draw, but it’s not the bargain you think it to be if everything runs as slow as continental drift, you can’t recover your data or a hacker is able to access your network.

So before you make the leap to cloud-based computing, give us a call. We can assess your computer network and the way you work to determine if all your applications, processes and systems WILL work safely, securely and efficiently in the cloud. Further, if you handle “sensitive” data such as credit cards, medical records, social security numbers, etc., we can arm you with the facts you need to know about cloud computing and data privacy and security. Of course, our goal is to recommend the safest, most effective solutions that will work the way you want without crushing your budget.

So call us today to see what’s possible for YOUR organization! 408.680.8389

Client Testimonials

"Their recommendations lowered our overhead costs resulting in savings over 30%."  Dr. Greg Hooper

Industry: Healthcare | Client Since: 2005
Size: 15 | Sunnyvale, CA

Getting Their TruAdvantage With IT Through:

  • Managed Services
  • Helpdesk Support
  • EMR & HIPAA Compliance Consulting

"Being a small medical practice with limited budget, we feel like we have a full time IT department at a fraction of cost. Now we get 24/7 support and peace of mind for IT and Medical IT issues, which has led to zero downtime and lowered IT cost can`t ask for more."

photo of Greg Hooper, Head Physician, Hooper Family Practice Greg Hooper Head Physician
Hooper Family Practice
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